Territory and Information Systems
Territory and Information Systems

Using a combination of satellite observation and geographical information systems, LaMMA offers a range of services and tools for defining environmental conditions and monitoring environmental changes.

The sector uses its various instruments and skills to plan and create Territorial Information Systems, applications that use time series of images and remotely gathered optical data, and to develop infrastructures for the distribution of spatial data (Spatial Data Infrastructures or SDI).  In particular, many projects focus on:

  • studying and analysing methodologies for the elaboration of multispectral and hyperspectral, multi-time and multi-platform images;
  • studying and elaborating models of interaction processes between electromagnetic radiation and natural surfaces.

These research activities are carried out in close collaboration with other institutes, creating applied products such as:

  • historic series of vegetation coverage, thematic maps (e.g. land use and cover);
  • organisation of geographical archives of land planning: thematic maps, geological and soil reports, susceptibility to landslides and surface erosion, etc.